Sulky Race

Sulky Challenge | Te Tauomaoma Kāta Tō

The Sulky Challenge sees teams of four pull the sulky up and down the track in The Square. Huge thanks to New Zealand Harness Racing, Harness Racing Manawatu and The Sulky Shop.   Proudly supported by        

Wool Fadge Competitors

Wool Fadge Race | Te Tauomaoma Pēke Wūru

Rural Life is not just about farming – it’s about the community groups and organisations that hold our rural communities together. The MacDougall Wool Fadge Race, in association with Wilkes Trading Company sees teams from schools, services, rugby teams and councils

Man vs Mutt Race

Man and Mutt Race | Te Tauomaoma Tangata Me Te Kurī

Farming would not be possible without a trusty sidekick – the Man and Mutt race celebrates the relationship between a farmer (gals and guys) and their dogs. Twenty of the Manawatu District’s top Young Farmers and their dogs will compete


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